HUH? Victoria’s Secret isn’t going to sell swimsuits (kinda)

For years Victoria’s Secret has sold swimsuits, although in the year 2017, they aren’t. Well they actually are, bikinis are to be included in the Victoria’s Secret Pink line, however not as a stand alone swimsuit line of their own. In flagship stores, VS Swim will be replaced with the Victoria’s Secret’s line of active wear, VSX.

Victoria's Secret isn't going to sell swimsuits (kinda) (2)

The cancellation of VS Swim was a result of annually lower-than-expected sales of swimwear, so it’s probably not really going to matter much to most of the people who actually buy the swimwear. You won’t be seeing many Victoria’s Secret models wearing Victoria’s Secret swimwear in the near future, other than if those same models are modeling another brand of swimwear. This also means that supermodel Candice Swanepoel will now go down in history as the last sexiest Victoria’s Secret swimsuit model.

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