Here are a few celebrities that you might not of known were LA Dodgers fans


Baseball season is in full-effect once again as baseball fans rejoice in joyous cheers that their favorite season is here once again. Some of the those baseball fans are celebrities you might of heard of, oh say like for instance Nick Jonas, Kate Mara, Zac Efron, and Jamie Bell (who aren’t dodgy about who their favorite baseball team is whatsoever, regardless of who makes the draft).


That’s right, and not only do they support their favorite team the LA Dodgers by sporting Dodgers gear, they even go to their games too. Die hard Dodgers fans (because their such elitists that way), might question although as to if Nick Jonas, Kate Mara, Zac Efron, and Jamie Bell are true Dodgers fans, or if it’s just convenient to go to Dodgers games because they live in Los Angeles.


Nick Jonas however could easy argue that he is a true Dodgers fan although, because he’s currently on tour and took the time to make sure and go to a Dodgers game. Celebrity Gossip