Heather Graham is dating January Jones’ ex, producer Tommy Alastra

It looks like movie and television producer Tommy Alastra has gone from dating a 38 year old Hollywood starlet, to dating a 46 year old Hollywood starlet (as were most eligible men of his age would of gone the other route or minus instead of plus in the age demo bracket).


Recently seen making out while out and about in Manhattan, Boogie Nights‘ Roller Girl Heather Graham is obviously now dating Tommy Alastra, who was previously dating Mad Men star January Jones.


Although Alastra isn’t a big name a-list Hollywood producer, he still appears to have the skills to attract some bodacious Hollywood hotties none the less, and was the associate producer of TV movie Victoria’s Secret: What Is Sexy? 2008.


As where although Tommy Alastra has previously tried his hand at acting, with 92 credits to her name as an actress, Heather Graham has recently decided to go the route of writing and directing, and has recently completed the motion picture Half Magic.


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