Hailey Baldwin joined Joe Jonas and the DNCE crew for a boat outing in Miami 

Instantly sparking rumors that Hailey Baldwin and Joe Jonas are possibly dating, Hailey & Joe did recently spend some time together during a boat outing in Miami, just before Joe and his band DNCE performed at Summerfest. Maxim magazine’s 2017 #1 of the Hot 100 Hailey Baldwin sported a purple two piece bikini for the excursion …

… getting on board with Joe. Joe Jonas is (or was?) currently dating Game Of Thrones star Sophie Turner, however it possible that Joe has moved on to putting the moves on Hailey Baldwin instead.

That 70’s Show star Wilmer Valderrama was also on hand for the occasion, as well as Joe’s DNCE band mates Jack Lawless and Cole Whittle. DNCE soon after performed at Livestream Tour Summerfest, broadcasted Jimmy Kimmel Live!, then they were off to Quebec City, Canada to continue their would tour that ends December 2nd in Ecuador, so if you haven’t gotten tickets yet there is still some time.


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