Hailey Baldwin is really stepping things up a notch in terms of celebrity status

Although maybe previously mainly being famous for being the daughter a Stephen Baldwin, part of Kendall Jenner‘s entourage, and of course for dating Justin Bieber for awhile, Hailey Baldwin has stepped things up yet another notch. 2016 is a really big year for Hailey Baldwin’s modeling career.


With campaigns like Karl Lagerfeld, Tommy Hilfiger, and Guess, it’s for certain that Hailey Baldwin has definitely hit the big time. Runway modeling in New York Fashion Week 2016 shows such as Jeremy Scott, Prabal Gurang, and Tommy Hilfiger, Hailey Baldwin been seen out on the New York scene during the festivities looking good of course also.


Rumors previously were that Justin Beiber was a deal breaker for Hailey and Kendall Jenner’s relationship, it looks like they must of patched things up since, probably in some kind of girlfriend style ‘bros before hos‘ kind of scenario, probably otherwise known as ‘chicks before dicks‘ and or ‘sisters before misters’ and or maybe even ‘hos before bros’.


Kendall Jenner (who is although a much bigger hit so far in the fashion industry than Hailey Baldwin), where seen in attendance together at New York Fashion Week 2016 Harper’s Bazaar Icons event.


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