Gwen Stefani is definitely going to get her BBQ grub on soon

“Make Me Like You” singer Gwen Stefani is currently on tour right now (probably why she’s isn’t on The Voice with her boyfriend Blake Sheldon this season), however that doesn’t mean that she isn’t going to not grill up some BBQ.


Seen recently at Barbecues Galore in Studio City, Gwen was seen loading up on lots of BBQ supplies. Is she the grill master or is Blake?


gwen-stefani-is-definitely-going-to-get-her-bbq-grub-on-soon-4Looks like she well equipped with some good sauces and rubs so Gwen’s grillin’ skills would come down to technique other than that.

gwen-stefani-is-definitely-going-to-get-her-bbq-grub-on-soon-2 gwen-stefani-is-definitely-going-to-get-her-bbq-grub-on-soon-1 Celebrity Gossip