Guitars and bowling were on the agenda for Channing Tatum’s 37th birthday

As Channing Tatum fans are fully aware, he posted to social media not too long ago saying that he was learning the piano with a quick video of him doing so, however it looks like he plays or is learning to play guitar also, because he obviously got a guitar for his birthday.

Bowling was the main motif of Channing Tatum’s 37th, as he celebrated with family and friends at Pinz bowling center in Los Angeles, where he not only got gifts and such, he bowled also.

Not your typical birthday bash for an a-list celebrity, but it was obviously a good time for Channing, as he was all smiles while carrying some of his gifts to his car after.

Channing Tatum has a slew of movies in the making that are soon to hit theaters, including Logan Lucky (Aug 18th 2017, also starring Daniel Craig and Katie Holmes), Kingsman: The Golden Circle (Sept 22 2017, also staring Taron Egerton, Halle Berry, Colin Firth, Julianne Moore, and Jeff Bridges) …

… as well as a Men In Black & 21 Jump Street mashup movie MIB 23 (also starring Jonah Hill), and another movie for the X-Men character franchise, Gambit. Celebrity Gossip