Gotham villain turned Batgirl? Margot Robbie ‘BladeGlides’ for Nissan

Looking more like the next Batgirl and way less like the famed psychotic Gotham City villain Harley Quinn that she so perfectly portrayed in Suicide Squad, Nissan has brought Margot Robbie on board as the spokesperson for their line of upcoming electric cars.

Shown racing around Monaco in the electric Nissan concept car the Bladeglider, Robbie makes her official Nissan ambassador debut is a cool new video, and there is even somewhat of a Bond Girl (as in female James Bond) kind of theme.

In and official statement Margot Robbie said, “It’s a really exciting time for electric vehicles. More people are choosing to go electric, leading the way to a more sustainable future and the Nissan BladeGlider hints at the future of smarter performance cars,”.

The Nissan BladeGlider is part of their Intelligent Mobility vision, presenting a glimpse into the future and showing how cars could evolve to connect with the world around them. Celebrity Gossip