Girl With The Dragon Tattoo Rooney Mara goes bleach blonde

Girl With The Dragon Tattoo star Rooney Mara had deiced to head the hairstyle decisions of Taylor Swift, and has gone bleach blonde. This is definitely a new look for Rooney Mara. Sporting a flannel and headphones out & about in New York recently, Rooney’s new hair style is a hit. Did Rooney Mara go blonde as a personal preference or is it for a movie role?


Since Rooney starred in the Peter Pan reboot flop Pan, she’s since moved on to 7 other movies in the works, 5 of those completed and ready to hit theaters soon (The Secret ScriptureWeightlessKubo and the Two Strings, Una, and Lion), and 2 headed for theaters in 2017 (Mary Magdalene, and The Discovery).


Rooney Mara and Taylor Swift aren’t the only celebrities who’ve decide to go sun bleach blonde for the summer though, Kristen Stewart and Emma Stone (however Emma’s choice to go blonde only really reminding fans of how she had dyed blonde hair in The Amazing Spider man, and died), have both also gone blonde.

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