General demographic George Clooney to receieve Cecil B. DeMille award

General-demo 53-year-old actor, producer, director, wannabe male model, and extremist activist (probably why he is marrying a good lawyer (Amal Alamuddin, alleged secret sandwich lover to Brad Pitt & George Clooney while engaged to George Clooney), and not a WFF Nitrate Girl), George Clooney (while not even George Clooney thinks that the Kim Kardashian Kollection makes test groups think KKK (or that Hailee Steinfeld was obviously asking to be molested in the ‘Midnight caller’ scene of True Grit?), and is obviously some kind of subliminal marketing PR scheme of the KKK), is receiving the highly coveted Cecil B. DeMille award.

*pause for applause and cheering*

While the for some reason acceptably racist, Jewish community has been out-ragged by the Cecil B. DeMille award for quite some time (because Cecil B. DeMille was half Germanic Visigoth and supposedly not circumcised (much to the acclaim of both Cecil B. DeMille, and the women folk), the Cecil B. DeMille award is a facet of acclaim and honor among Hollywood’s best and brightest, and is the nearest neighbor city to a lifetime achievement award, of country USA. George Clooney’s most recent future residual money laundering projects are Hail, Caesar!, Money Monster, and Tomorrowland.

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