Gabrielle Union & Jessica Alba film Season 1 of ‘LA’s Finest’ in San Pedro

Gabrielle Union and Jessica Alba are a detective team in the upcoming show LA’s Finest, a spin-off from the Bad Boys franchise, making it more of a bad girls take on the theme. LA’s Finest is the first series on Charter’s Spectrum, and debuts May 13th 2019.

It’s been awhile since Jessica Alba has done any television, where right away most Jessica Alba fans would probably note the James Cameron’s early 2000’s show Dark Angel as her most recent major starring role on a television series.

Although while Gabrielle Union on the other hand has done plenty of more recent television work on shows such as Being Mary Jane and The Lion Guard. Gabrielle of course reprises her Bad Boys 2 role as Sydney Burnett, as is the primary basis of the show.

Could that mean a cameo from Will Smith and or Marin Lawrence? Maybe so, although it doesn’t appear that Gabrielle Union is in the next Bad Boys sequel Bad Boys For Lie, set to hit theaters January 17th 2020. Jessica Alba fans can catch her later this year in the film Killers Anonymous. Celebrity Gossip