Funny Celebrity Sightings Sept 20th 2016 Edition

Sometimes celebrities are out and about and they intentionally try to be funny, other times they’re not trying to be funny at all, although it’s still a funny picture none-the-less. That’s means it’s time for yet another edition of Funny Celebrity Sightings.


Sheesh! Hailey Baldwin looks completely different with out makeup!


Good thing Michael B. Jordan is Johnny Storm and not Reed Richards, because then at least he’ll only burn his boogers and not accidentally cause himself brain damage with picking his nose.


Juno Temple has a funny way of finding out which way the wind is blowing.


Rihanna was obviously just previously scratching her for forehead or something.


Jamie Chung might be somewhat of a spaz looks like.


Sarah Highland and her boyfriend Dominic Sherwood are obviously totally immature. Celebrity Gossip