Four female celebs really turning up the heat on social media right now

Yes there are plenty of female celebs that really get at social media sexiness (usually without effort whatsoever). Here are four female celebs that are really turning up the heat right now.

Yeah Celeb! Shay Mitchell

It’s definitely no lie that Shay Mitchell has started showing off her seriously toned bikini bod. Her instagram URL might be, however there is no shame in showing off a beach bod like that.

Yeah Celeb! Hayden Panettiere

Nasheville‘s Hayden Panettiere doesn’t have an instagram for some reason, although her Critics’ Choice Awards stylist Micaela Erlanger sure does.

Yeah Celeb! Kylie Jenner

Kylie Jenner turns up the heat posing in the mirror (on a usual basis on and off social media).

Yeah Celeb! Bella Hadid

Last on the list but not least on the list, Bella Hadid is giving Shay Mitchell a run for her money with her bikini bod pic. Celebrity Gossip