Fight! Fight! Batman v Superman – will it live up to the hype?

Movies take too long to make? These days fans hear about movies in the making about 2.5ish years before they actually hit the big screen, and of course fans get excited in the meantime. This also leaves allot of room for disappointment although, with expectations and anticipation so high. This isn’t only your usual Superman or Batman movie although, it’s Superman v Batman: Dawn Of Justice, wherein Superman and Batman duke it out (and eventually forge the Justice League obviously given the name (Lame. Leave that out of the name, just do it).

Fight! Fight! Batman v Superman - will it live up to the hype (4)

As it would seem unheard of, and well kinda like a no-brainer who would win (Superman), they’ve obviously got some creative screen writers on board (Kryptonite machine gun bullets?), because the movie you might expect would only be about 30 seconds long. Why are Superman and Batman fighting you ask? It’s because of a hot chic they both like, Wonder Woman. Yep, Wonder Woman (as portrayed by Gal Gadot, previously of Fast & Furious 6 & 7) is making her long awaited big screen super hero debut, and as you might of expected, she’s super hot.

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Superman is the most buff Superman as of yet once again, reprised by Henry Cavill, and cast as Batman is of course Ben Affleck. This is Ben Affleck’s first time as Batman, and he’s set to play the caped crusader for at least 2 other movies also (Batty Boy, Batty Boy). Affleck being a most unlikely casting choice for Batman when first announced, appears to be quite audience convincing in the role per the commercials. Convincible isn’t really the word that might first come to mind in regards to Batman in a fight with Superman however, more like is he INVINCIBLE against Superman (AKA does Batman have kryptonite machine gun bullets). Celebrity Gossip