Fans try to bombard Rihanna, then her bodyguard gets butt grabby after

When a celebrity’s bodyguard says to them ‘I’m here to protect your ass’, they might just not want anyone to else to get some of that kind of action. Recently while out and about in New York, some fans ran up on Rihanna wanting selfies and some possible quick nuggletime hugs, but (not butt, yet) Rihanna’s bodyguard was not going to allow that.


This is why celebrities have bodyguards though, because of course fans can be fanatical. Soon after however fending of a group of guys who wanted some Rihanna autographs, Rihanna’s bodyguard decided to get kinda touchy feeling with Rihanna’s sexy behind (it wasn’t an optical illusion), and it’s possible that Rihanna pays her bodyguards by letting them touch her butt time to time. Really bad form (although Rihanna’s butt maintained good form as usual).

Fans-try-to-bombard-Rihanna,-then-her-bodyguard-gets-butt-grabby-afterFans-try-to-bombard-Rihanna,-then-her-bodyguard-gets-butt-grabby-after4Fans-try-to-bombard-Rihanna,-then-her-bodyguard-gets-butt-grabby-after3 Celebrity Gossip