Famed Victoria's Secret Angel Alessandra Ambrosio is Kendall Jenner's new worst nightmare

bruce-jenner-and-Alessandra-AmbrosioAfter both being featured in an art nude photography book by Russell James (whom Kendall Jenner had an affair with), Alessandra Ambrosio and Kendall Jenner are good friends (or that is they are acting like it on social networks in order to maintain good public relations). After both Kendall Jenner & Alessandra Ambrosio walked up and down the Bottega Venetta fashion show catwalk this week in Milan, they then chose to represent each other by posting a collaborative selfie on Twitter.
Kendall-Jenner-Alessandra-AmbrosioIn contrast, Kendall Jenner told people (not People Magazine, rather actual people, and then people told other people, etc) that other models where not so nice during one of her first fashion shows, although that they mainly got really mad because she didn’t join in a kleenex tissue eating dinner they were having before the show. Alessandra-Ambrosio-and-Kenall-JennerSources indicate also that Alessandra Ambrosio and Kendall Jenner are possibly social networking collaboratively because they share an affinity to non-rhinoplasty confidences. Alessandra Ambrosio told media sources previously this year, that she is self conscious about her nose, and Kendall Jenner’s nose could be helping with Alessandra Ambrosio’s nose complex. If Kendall Jenner however in fact gets some rhinoplasty, it might effect she and Alessandra Ambrosio’s friendship. Also the selfie twittpic might be Alessandra Ambrosio attempting to show that Kendall Jenner isn’t in fact taller than she is, although was only previously wearing thicker healed shoes as the appear that she is taller.

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