Fake boobs or not, Jessica Lowndes has got quite an acting repertoire

While she’s supposedly a bra size 32B, it’s probably for certain that Jessica Lowndes has undergone some breast augmentation (there’s no push-up bra that extreme is there?). Whether that is true or not, there’s no shame in Jessica Lowndes’ game even if, other than that its possible she just wanted to be accurately proportional.


Previously racking up boyfriends such as Aaron Paul and Jake Gyllenhaal (hey that rhymes!) to name a few, Jessica Lowndes has done allot more than play the field, and has quite a list of acting projects. As Jessica Lowndes fans may or may not be aware of, she’s got a current roster of 24 movie and television roles.That’s allot! So there goes calling Jessica Lowndes a gold digging bimbo (unless Jessica Lowndes likes to be called a gold digging bimbo).


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