Emily Ratajkowski wears a panda head for new DKNY commercial

Actress and supermodel Emily Ratajkowski is doing a different kind of modeling for DKNY these days, and it includes her wearing a panda costume head.

Emily Ratajkowski wearing a panda costume head is really only one sequence of her next DKNY commercial of course, and for the most part that beautiful face of hers is on full display.

In a previous DKNY commercial, Emily was out walking her dog in only her underwear, and it looks like although this time around she is wearing more clothing however still looking incredibly sexy.

Emily Ratajkowski’s next acting projects are In Darknes (a movie about a blind musician hears a murder committed in the apartment upstairs from hers that sends her down a dark path into London’s gritty criminal underworld), and Cruise (about a young Italian-American in the 1980s from the “wrong side of the tracks” falls for a Jewish girl from Long Island).

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