Emily Ratajkowski strips down to skimpy black bikini at the beach in Malibu

Malibu is the spot for just about every celeb since the beginning of Hollywood, many who have probably went skinny dipping on it’s beaches etc various times. Although supermodel and actress Emily Ratajkowski is probably not opposed to skinny dipping whatsoever, this time around she only stripped down to a skimpy black bikini to catch some sun and play on the Malibu shoreline.

Arriving in a robe, black midriff, a sun hat, and short cut-off jean shorts, Emily Ratajkowski soon stripped all that off to reveal a sexy black string bikini to show off her famous amazing and flawless figure. Pretty much enough to make a great deal of Emily Ratajkowski fans faint from heat stroke.

As well as doing numerous photo shoots for magazines and campaigns as usual, Emily Ratajkowski is set to star in Welcome Home (2018, also starring Aaron Paul), Cruise (2017, also starring Kathrine Narducci), and I Feel Pretty (June 29, 2018, also starring Michelle Williams and Amy Schumer), and In Darkness (2017, also starring Natalie Dormer).

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