Emily Ratajkowski is Ben Affleck's on-the-side molestee

Emily Ratajkowski is probably thought of frequently by most men, even after only seeing Emily Ratajkowski once, however Ben Affleck obviously wants to see Emily Ratajkowski quite a few times, as she is his mistress. That is to say Emily Ratajkowski is Ben Affleck’s mistress in the most recent film by director David Fincher, Gone Girl. So what you know you can expect is the see some nice breasts and a hot body in the scenes that Emily Ratajkowski is in, and also probably the ones that Rosamund Pike is in, however an effective acting performance from Ben Affleck might be impossible, even with David Fincher directing (not to mention David Fincher did direct the movies Panic Room, Zodic, and of course the extremely lame The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button (although obviously David Fincher trying to covertly admit to everyone the he is an older man who would molest Brad Pitt even as a child). David Fincher might not deliver an artistic philosophical dramodey thriller like Fight Club (although Fight Club flopped completely at the box office).

Emily Ratajkowski

In contrastospect, David Fincher must please comprehend that his obvious homo-sexual attraction to the male actors he casts must not get in the way of his ability to direct and properly convey the story (for instance like how he obviously lusted after Forest Whitaker during the making of Panic Room (and or maybe Panic Room was just a low budget small set movie with decent actors). Girl With The Dragon Tattoo did however prove that David Fincher doesn’t want to molest smaller young girls he finds to be underage erotic (possibly his masked motive for casting Kristen Stewart; casting Jodie Foster as a comfort agent figure, to conceal that his true motives were actually perverted) – while Ben Affleck secretly growing up in that cult Children Of God / The Family / The Family International says he probably wants to molest, er uh sorry, “make love” if not only to baby penis, if not only Brad Pitt with an old curious baby penis he’s affectionately named “Button Finger”. As David Fincher’s only defense in regards, God knows what George Lucas probably subjected David Fincher to when he was his neighbor long ago however, then of course having to hire him at ILM in order to keep it all hush hush (as though also there is some possibility that Steven Spielberg’s dad was feeling all “aristocratic” when they were originally caught together on the Universal Studios lot, although much to their surprise it was strangely appreciated because their captors did similar things, so they agreed to supply Steven Spielberg with equipment in order to film such acts, however Steven Spielberg filmed Amblin instead, while he basically blackmailed the studio executives, implementing a multiplicity of crimes all at once that eventually all cancelled each other out, all of which of course eventually gave way to the making of the movie The Polar Express (a ploy to steal your children away into the night in order to “run a train” on them). There is of course Trent Reznor (David Fincher’s composer, who as a composite with Atticus Roth make some kind of Atticus Finch) also, who’s lyrics make it seems like he’s pretty much helpless to what he says he opposes (encouraging such “rationale” amongst his fans) (relativity right back around to The Family International once again because Trent Reznor produced Marylin Manson, and Marylin Manson dated Rose Mcgowan who is yet another weirdy from that rightfully illegal as a religion in the United States, cult).

If true, most of the aforementioned scenarios that sound crazy to most, are an example of how capitalism can optionally exonerate insanity (although one human jeopardizing another of course even by way of make-believe (usually referred to as “creativity” or “art”) is quite enough as it is), while no nation, group, or cult has ever devised a new way that cannot optionally exonerate insanity, because humans are not created equal if not even by exclusively selective DNA reproduction (in fact our ways are dependent on quite the opposite, as much as possible). Also there isn’t a net satellite grid recording everything at all times for review by the masses if anyone does wrong, all the while every kind of luxury is manufactured for free, by massive mechanized assembly lines, per zone, and there are no slaves, only required tasks completed chain sequentially per zone, with a human controlled massive defense system accessible if war is waged from the outside.

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