Elizabeth Banks is totally head over heals effing in love with Taylor Swift

Elizabeth Banks took to Instagram & Twitter recently to express extreme admiration for Taylor Swift (although obiously kissing ass so that she might be asked to make a one of those notorious stage appearances at a Taylor Swift concert. Does Elizabeth Banks have not same?). No seriously, it was probably mainly because Taylor Swift recently made a big donation to help a 13-month-old boy battle cancer.


Posting pictures of herself and Taylor Swift, Elizabeth Banks affectionately wrote on Instagram: “Knowing who you are and what you have to offer the world isn’t easy at any age. This radiant creature got right to it and inspires people, especially young women, to do the same. My admiration runs deep for this gal. Thanks for a memorable evening Tay”. Are’mt we going with the nickname Tay Tay that The Rock gave Taylor Swift during his appearance on Lipsync Batte? Anyways. Now it’s obviously only Tay, so make a note of it.


Elizabeth Banks’ Twitter read : “My admiration for this radiant creature runs deep. Not to mention, #1989 was a great year for me. Love @taylorswift13” . Those are for sure not words from a twitt, whatsoever.

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