Ed Sheeran seen out on date with model Barbara Palvin

Ed Sheeran seen following model Barbara Palvin

Fashion model and actor Barbara Palvin previously sighted with Justin Bieber, and even the likes of boybander Niall Horan, however it looks like she’s veering off some (well not talent wise, and although Ed Sheeran’s obvious cranial capacity might be an example of re-evolution, other than that theory it’s not like Barbara Palvin should be co-dependent) to dating none-other-than Ed Sheeran. Barbara Palvin & Ed Sheeran have not been officially seen touching hands and or falling in love mysteriously although or not. Even if Ed Sheeran & Barbara Palvin are only friends however, thank god it would be impossible for Ed Sheeran to convince Barbara Palvin to get tattoos (etc + Niall Horan looks similar to Peter Cetera).

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