Did you know that British actor Lily Collins is Phil Collins' daughter?

Ok, so there are probably divided groups of Phil Collins fans. There is of course die hard Genesis progressive rock fans, who maybe also like some of Phil Collins’ early solo music to, there are fans of only Phil Collins’ solo music, fans of Genesis in the later 80’s, then there are even fans of all of Phil Collins’ music (as we’re sure that Lily Collins is), then inclusive of all aforementioned or not, those who are also fans of Phil Collins’ more recent music.


Let’s stop talking about Phil Collins though (not that he isn’t probably one of the most talented people ever), and get to what this article is really about, Phil Collins’ offspring, Lily Collins. Lily Collins is a talented actor who has been in a number of movies, and was even in a few episodes of the 90210 reboot when she was first starting out back in 2009. Later Lily Collins was Snow White in the motion picture Mirror Mirror.


Then there was the comedic romance drama Stuck In Love. Sci-Fi fans for sure know Lily from The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones (she was awesome in that for sure). Most recently Lily Collins has been cast in a Warren Beaty project (whoa that guy hasn’t made a movie in years!), where she is co-starring along side an effing plethora of legendary actors (too many to mention). So we could end this article by saying something like ‘expect big things from Lily Collins’, although big things are already happening for Lily Collins, so that statement is null and void.

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