Did Leonardo DiCaprio make that fanny pack look cool?

It’s really something that is impossible, and no doubt although many have tried or just didn’t care if it looks cool or not, and Leonardo DiCaprio is probably the kind of person that doesn’t care if he makes wearing a fanny pack look cool or if he looks cool wearing a fanny pack, however did he?

Let’s tally up the votes! Recently during a visit to Ayutthaya Historical Park in Thailand, Leo’s fanny pack was in full effect and he was making no attempt to hide it or match it with the color of his blue shorts or anything.

As where some might of gone with and over the shoulder kind of bag (larger than a purse of course or it would looks like you’re wearing a purse), Leonardo DiCaprio decided to go with the tried and true clutch size belt purse of sorts, a fanny pack.

Although he’s slimmed back down since, Leonardo DiCarprio has been criticized previously for having a dad bod, and it looks like instead he’s just going to wear a fanny pack, the choice of millions of dads around the globe.

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