Demi Lovato suprises concert goers with a new blonde hairdo

So you’re a Demi Lovato fan and so you of course go to a Demi Lovato concert, then when you get there, who is that blonde on stage that although still resembles Demi Lovato although with blonde hair, and sings the same?


Well if there was any actual doubt or question, fans soon found out that Demi Lovato has merely gone blonde, and hasn’t been spoofed by a blonde Demi Lovato impersonator.


Demi has made it official on Instagram of course, just in case you didn’t get to see Demi in concert take to the stage as a blonde for the first time. Looks good.


Demi joins the blonde crew that previously included Kim Kardashian, and that currently includes Kylie Jenner.

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