Demi Lovato is so 'Confident', she does a capella & acoustic Times Square event

Demi Lovato recently performed in Times Square to promote her latest album Confident, and fans went wild. It was quite and event, although much quieter than you might expect.


This time around, Demi Lovato decided to give fans a more intimate MTV Unplugged kind of experience, without even microphones however, This meant going completely acoustic with her band, and she a cappella (now that is confident!). This was different, although Demi Lovato fans enjoyed it all the same, bunching in tight to hear the show best.


There was a point in the event however where Demi was caught in an awkward shot, and angle where she looks to be back-handing a butt on the screens behind her. Although some might speculate the butt back-handing might of been a planned part of the show chirography, Demi Lovato’s people deny it completely. Liars.

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