Demi Lovato goes full-on UFC with date Luke Rockhold at UFC 205

When Demi Lovato goes to a UFC fight, she brings her own UFC fighter along as a date. Recently seen in attendance at UFC 205 at Madison Square Garden in New York, UFC fighter Luke Rockhold (what a name for a UFC fighter) showed up with his new girlfriend Demi Lovato.


As where Demi previously seemed to prefer musicians and actors, she’s obviously moved on to UFC fighters to change things up a bit. Rockhold is the former UFC Middleweight Champion, however was not competing this year, rather was a fan with some Demi Lovato arm candy.


For fans that missed Demi Lovato during her Future Now tour with Nick Jonas (who was also in attendence at UFC 205), book your tickets for the Z Festival in Sao Paulo December 10.

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