Demi Lovato & Bella Thorne hit a strip club during a night out in Hollywood

Demi Lovato & Bella Thorne are friends and have been seen out and about together previously around Los Angeles and such, however usually out at a more typical Hollywood hotspot that you might assume they’d frequent. Both Bella Thorne and Demi Lovato started out as Disney Network kids, and as history will usually show from many previous Disney kids …

… (usually the females ones more than the males), they eventually adapt a whole lot more wild of a style. These days it looks like that includes a visit to a strip club together, although not a male strip club like you might expect, an exclusively female strip club in Hollywood called Crazy Girls.

This could mean that either they are both studying the art of stripping, and or they like to be surrounding by naked women as one of the options throughout a night out clubbing. Celebrity Gossip