Could Tom Hiddleston be the next James Bond? He sure looks like it!

Daniel Craig‘s recent and very dramatic statement to the press was that he would ‘rather break the glass he was drinking from, then slit his wrists than to portray 007 again’, so that obviously means he’s not going to be apart of the James Bond franchise any longer.


Does that mean that casting for the next James Bond already in the preliminary stages? If so Tom Hiddleston should be at the top of the list, he’s already even saying ‘Gee Q‘. The most recent GQ editorial featuring Tom Hiddleston definitely shows that he definitely has was it takes. In the meantime, Crimson Peak (which kinda seems like it could be a James Bond movie title also), is seriously giving audiences all around the world nightmares, and it’s just in time for the Halloween season in North America.

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