Contrary to popular belief, supermodels do eat, even if it is for a photoshoot

Seen recently at a photoshoot in New York, supermodels Gigi Hadid and Hannah Ferguson were chowing down on some Chinese food looks like (although it appeared to be part of the photoshoot also). Although it’s not all to common for supermodels to eat as part of the motif of a photoshoot, they of course do and aren’t all bulimic, anorexic, swallowing kleenex, and or snorting lines in order to maintain their hot figures.

Healthy diet and a good workout regiment are probably more both Gigi Hadid and Hannah Ferguson’s style, and they are definitely known for their sexy physics, both being Sports Illustrated Swimsuit models previously. So that just goes to show, that you can still look good and eat pretty much whatcha want within reason, if ya have a healthy exercise regiment. Celebrity Gossip