Chrissy Teigen helps Instagram in it’s efforts to prevent freedom of speech?

Possibly better as a feature where only users themselves can choose the words they want to allow to be displayed to them as they read would be more American? While of course expression and speech are freedoms that American’s fight to protect, and while although most Chrissy Teigen fans merely fight over who’ll get to see the next nude picture of Chrissy Teigen again (and really who can blame them), they can’t use profanity (as defined by Chrissy Teigen) while doing so on Chrissy Tiegen’s Instagram posts.


Teigen (model, wife to John Legend, co-host of Spike TV’s Lip Sync Battle), is one of the first celebrities to disallow certain filtered preset words for her Instagram comments. Instagram is the first major social networking platform to provide this option, and it’s definitely something that some might consider an infringement upon freedom of speech and freedom of expression. Celebrity Gossip