Chris Pratt gives fans some of the array of faces in his faces repertoire

Chris Pratt is of course well known for his role as Starlord in the Guardians Of The Galaxy franchise, and is staring along side Jennifer Lawrence in the upcoming motion picture Passengers (set to hit theaters just in time for Christmas 2016, December 21), however fans might also know him as a talented maker of faces also. Chris gave fans a few of the faces of his faces repertoire recently while arriving at Los Angeles International Airport.


There is of course Chris Pratt’s ‘I’m lightly touching this Asian woman’s back and or caressing this Asian woman’s arm’.


Chris Pratt’s ‘I didn’t mean to make fun of retarded people’ face.


Chris Pratt’s the ‘I’m an excited fan of myself, myself’ face.


And then of course Chris Pratt’s ‘I’m less excited now and my hand is kinda getting a cramp from signing autographs’ face. Celebrity Gossip