Chris Martin possibly leaked Jennifer Lawrence nudity while rumors of relations between what brought their relations into reality

jennifer lawrence chris martin gwyneth paltrow

When nude photos leak out onto the internet, there can be various scenario repercussions, usually however mainly embarrassment, however if not voyeurism addiction issues thereafter or aforementioned. Although with sextapes being one of the go-to publicity stunts, nude photos “leaking” might also be just that. Jennifer Lawrence has maintained “america’s sweetheart” status, despite the fact that she isn’t really type cast as a romantic actor (while Gwyneth Paltrow was also able to do that even though she did a cameo in the movie Pootie Tang), rather an action star. Various sources confirm that Jennifer Lawrence and musician Chris Martin are rumored to of been possibly having an affair while Jennifer Lawrence was still dating Nicholas Hoult, and while of course Chris Martin was still married to the mother of his children, Gwyneth Paltrow (GTROW). While Chris Martin did leave Gwyneth Paltrow with his very own personal ‘not quite developed ugly duckling possibly money-peon looks’ (the reproduction of questionable genes psychologically possibly the basis for most strife or cause for businewar, multi-national businewar, crime, sadness, etc – similar to being Ed Sheeran), Nicholas Hoult on the flip side is now dating smaller-hotty she-wolf Kristen Stewart, and Nicholas Hoult might just be Kristen Stewart’s first ex-wife, err ex-husband that is. taylor swift chris martin gwyneth paltrowAlthough Chris Martin is a talented musician, his lyrics pertaining to the encouragement of not only drug use, although mainly that it’s fun to take “Whatever they offer you”, is attributed to rebound style lack-of-self esteem (possibly now attributed with “home-wrecker status” added to the charges), Jennifer Lawrence (Jennifer Lawrence originally most likely heartbroken by now a second break up with Nicolas Hoult).

Nicolas Hoult’s new love interest, Kristen Stewart, is no stranger to an on-the-side love affair, and although just previously while Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin were said to of been reconciling, all of a sudden (although no legal high profile pictures have surfaced yet, other than from hidden hotel cameras), Chris Martin and Jennifer Lawrence where during that time a non-confirmed rumorable item. Previously the only other female seen anywhere near Chris Martin in public (possibly the next morning after whatever happened the night previous) was fellow musician (although she’s probably sold quite a few more records than Cold Play) Taylor Swift, however Gwyneth Paltrow was still close by.

Some notably good advice for celebs, is that if you don’t want your nude pictures to be all over the internet, you should probably only keep them on flash drives and such, and never connected to any of your internet computer hard drives, or anything connected to the internet. Anything else is more than likely either side of a PR campaign, and or celeb voyeurism.

Hey none of that is a bad as what Shakespeare taught you to avoid. Celebrity Gossip