Chiltern Firehouse fired waitress for sleeping with Orlando Bloom

Well it appears that if you work at the five star hotel and restaurant Chiltern Firehouse, and you go to bed with Orlando Bloom after work, you get fired (instead of only just hot and steamy).

21 year old waitress and aspiring actress Viviana Ross was recently found somehow by a Chiltern Firehouse hotel manager, naked in Orlando Bloom’s room after Orlando had checked out.

So as it were either some jealous co-worker of Viviana’s must of tipped of the manager as to her whereabouts, or the manager was just checking the room for souvenirs, and soon after Orlando Bloom became what most of his fans probably dream about, a male gigolo, although with his price being your job.

A source and friend to Viviana Ross is quoted as saying that ‘He was an exceptionally good lover’ (and if you could read her mind was thinking ‘and that b@%ch got to sleep with him and I didn’t’). Celebrity Gossip