Charli XCX looking hot, joined by Joe Jonas and band @ event

Does Gigi Hadid have some competition? Joe Jonas and Charli XCX might have more in common, and he did previously date Demi Lovato. Most fans of Joe Jonas & Gigi Hadid smell marriage though, as they seem to be inseparable at the moment.


While Joe Jonas might not be at the height of his success (current or yet), Gigi Hadid is definite in demand, and see much success. Joe Jonas is all about the muse and his music though, even having Gigi direct his latest video, and at the same time rubbing in Nick Jonas‘ face what he is missing being solo now and not in a band.


That is solo and not in a band with Joe Jonas (DNCE), not being single and playing the field without being tied down. Although as most Gigi Hadid fans would probably agree, being tied down to Gigi Hadid is might be just as good, and judging by Nick’s song “Chains”, he’d probably like it too. Celebrity Gossip