Channing Tatum is getting ready for Carnegie Hall

Only 2.5 weeks into learning piano on his own without lessons, Channing Tatum is already playing the classics, minding iambic pentameter and such, and is on his way to being even better or at least as good as Ryan Gosling.

Channing Tatum recently posted a video to twitter of him playing piano, explaining that learning to tickle the ivories is part of a 2017 New Year’s resolution he made to learn to play piano. Channing starts of by saying piano chops are were ‘brutal’ to learn, however definitely to the contrary in execution thereof in rendition (as he has only learned on his own so far).

Other than learning to play piano in his spare time, Channing Tatum is definitely going to be busy in 2017, as he’s working on 6 movies this year (well, Kingsman: The Golden Circle and Lucky Logan are already in post production, so he can check those off his list in all actuality). Channing Tatum is set reprise his 21 Jump Street franchise character in a Men In Black franchise 21 Jump Street franchise mashup titled MIB 23 (co-staring Jonah Hill), he’s joining the Marvel comics hero roster as Gambit, …

… Tripple Frontier (an action-adventure story set in the border zone between Paraguay, Argentina, and Brazil – rumored to also co-star Tom Hardy), and is also set to star in an Untitled Musical Comedy along side Joseph Gordon-Levitt. Soon after he can then find time to perform Carnegie Hall. Celebrity Gossip