Celebs flock to Drake concert, including of course Rihanna (who Drake is in love with)

Drake and Future are performing at the Staples Center in Los Angeles, and it’s prime for lots of celebrity sightings. Rihanna was of course there recently for a show, or that is she and Drake¬†went out afterwords together (possibly on a date, seeing as how Drake did profess his love for Rihanna at MTV VMA’s 2016).


Some of the other celebrities who are obviously Drake and or Future fans are Pitch Perfect‘s Britney Snow, Modern Family‘s Ariel Winter, and Def Jam signed singer-songwriter Christina Milian. Drake and Future are also performing at the Staples Center tomorrow, Friday September 9th.

celebs-flock-to-drake-concert-including-of-course-rihanna-who-drake-is-in-love-with-2acelebs-flock-to-drake-concert-including-of-course-rihanna-who-drake-is-in-love-with-1 celebs-flock-to-drake-concert-including-of-course-rihanna-who-drake-is-in-love-with-2celebs-flock-to-drake-concert-including-of-course-rihanna-who-drake-is-in-love-with-5a

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