Celebs are already in costume preparation for Halloween 2015!

The right Halloween costume takes some planning, and celebs aren’t about to not have a good costume and be shown up by other celebs. Here are a few celebs that are already in preparation for Halloween 2015 … Adriana Lima might be thinking about dressing up like a spider this year, as she seems to be trying out a few various eyes, and of course spiders have at least 8 eyes.


Rita Ora is obviously going as ‘The Girl Who Likes To French Kiss Zombies’.


The notorious youtube viral Pizza Rat has somehow mysteriously transformed into a stripper, who now has 2 pizza slices that are perversely pointed.


Miley Cyrus might be already trick or treating as an alien marijuana Power Puff Girl.


And last but certainly not least, Lady Gaga is already dressing like a Judas Priest backstage groupie.


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