Celebs and their ranging from normal to bizarre collection obsessions

Everyone has a collection of some kind. With the rate of cellphone technology upgrades, for most people these days their collection is a drawer full of cellphones! Something you might of not been aware of though, is that your favorite celebs like to collect things just like everyone else, although you might say that their collections range from normal, nerdy, bizarre, scary, or all of the above. First-off there is Leonardo DiCaprio. Leonardo DiCaprio likes to collect action figures (this might seem kinda geeky to some people, however it’s still on the normal side). Does Leonardo DiCaprio like to play with his action figures? The next celeb on the list does (although he might make Leonardo DiCaprio feel somewhat retarded).


Johnny Depp likes to collect dolls (not normal), and not only that, Johnny Depp likes to play with his doll collection. Is that like a shore leave Jack Sparrow pirate orgy kind of thing? How totally pervy to say the least.


Amanda Seyfried is border-line psycho with her collection obsession, and she very well could of bought some of it from Norman Bates himself. Amanda Seyfried’s collection obsession is taxidermy! Serious yikes.


Basket balla’ sports star extraordinaire Shaq‘s collection obsession is way more normal, he likes Superman memorabilia of all kinds (really who doesn’t).


And last but certainly not least, Ben Stiller‘s collection obsession is Star Trek memorabilia.


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