Candice Swanepoel contemplates being cloned


There is a list somewhere of people that should be cloned, and depending on who made that list, it may or may not include some not so attractive average or below average intelligence problematically behavioral disordered people (usually who go by the name “business people”). Although when someone like say supermodel Candice Swanepoel wants to be cloned, it could only be for the better of the human race, while cloning Candice Swanepoel is probably possible with only one strand of hair.


While not only is cloning the worst fear of homely schoolmarms and gelatinous naysayers of various ideology, creating the future as it would be most enjoyable for time while on planet earth isn’t really an option, there is only the acceptable option of making the future worse (growing the population immensely out of control while not considering the radius of the planet earth). In order to make a difference, you gotta first think at least 200 years into the future, with a goal of having full control of 200 years from now’s best probability (could include slight genetic enhancements). Babies in heaven. Celebrity Gossip