Calvin Harris might be on the rebound and or dating Frank Ocean

It’s possible that Calvin Harris might be into guys, and that’s why he and Taylor Swift have recently gone their separate ways. Recently seen out & about in Malibu with singer Frank Ocean and a group of guys, it would appear that Calvin Harris might of been actually previously bisexual, or is now gay.


Just because Harris was seen in out with a gay celebrity doesn’t necessarily mean that he himself is bisexual or gay, however it is now a great possibility that Calvin Harris is starting to let people know that his sexuality wasn’t or isn’t what people might of assumed previously.

Calvin-Harris-might-be-on-the-rebound-and-or-dating-Frank-OceanCalvin-Harris-might-be-on-the-rebound-and-or-dating-Frank-Ocean2 Calvin-Harris-might-be-on-the-rebound-and-or-dating-Frank-Ocean3 Celebrity Gossip