Calvin Harris lovers and haters take to Twitter to officially make “My Way” anti-Taylor Swift

Ok so you could argue that Calvin Harris‘ new song “My Way” isn’t actually about Taylor Swift, rather it’s merely a song for anyone in the same or similar situation (for instance Lady Gaga recently confirmed that her new song “Perfect Illusion” in fact although isn’t about Taylor Kinney).


Fans and non-fans are going to still although make that connection. Taylor Swift of course recently split from Calvin Harris a few months ago to begin dating actor Tom Hiddleston (who she has also now split from although appears to be currently single).


Calvin Harris’ new single seems to convey that even though he is also single, there is possibly still some bad blood between he and Taylor Swift (even though he originally tweeted that there wasn’t when they officially split). This might of been of course although because Calvin Harris didn’t know that Taylor Swift has actually already moved on, to then very soon after have a very public and was appeared to be a very “in love” relationship with Tom Hiddleston.


Taylor is of course somewhat notorious for writing songs about her exes, so it might even be possible that Taylor Swift secretly wrote “My Way”. Celebrity Gossip