Bradley Cooper back with Suki Waterhouse, attends Wimbledon …


Obviously not able to part for too long of a time, Bradley Cooper & Suki Waterhouse are an item once again, and not only that, they decided to attend Wimbledon to make their reuniting public. It’s not quite known just how long they’ve been back together, as some celebs can remain off the radar at times, a-list or not.


Whatever the difficulty was, Bradley Cooper & Suki Waterhouse‘s feelings were reconcilable, and sources say that Bradley Cooper seems pretty serious already, so that might mean wedding bells. As for now Bradley Cooper & Suki Waterhouse are obviously dating again, and they’ve now put a call out to the hounds with their sudden reemergence as a couple again.


Bradly Cooper of course most well known for his roles in The Hangover franchise, and of course Sack Lodge in the compelling Wedding Crashers. Other than as a model, Suki Waterhouse can soon be seen in The Divergent Series: Insurgent based on the book of the same name, joining Octavia Spencer & Naomi Watts. Celebrity Gossip