Bradley Cooper accommodates selfie action for fans @ 'Burnt' premiere


While it wasn’t a PDA, Bradley Cooper‘s supermodel girlfriend Irina Shayk flew back into New York just before Bradley Cooper a week before the Burnt premiere in London – does that mean Irina Shayk is jealous of Bradley Cooper and Sienna Miller; is it similar to the gossip that Angelina Jolie was weary of letting Brad Pitt work with Sienna Miller on The Lost City of Z?


Probably not, however supermodels are self conscious just like anyone else. Regardless, Sienna Miller has masted a ‘segue, then forcibly passionately kissing all hands and goes straight for the crotch’ kind of reputation as a simul-secondary vehicle.


The somewhat non-professional ‘bring it on Irina! Who’s the victor right now!’ facial expressions of Sienna Miller posing with Bradley Cooper @ the Burnt premiere in London, could very well elude to Sienna Miller’s previously fed man-eater mentality. A close working relationship with Bradley Cooper could of then as well even precedingly and then increasingly forthright fed such a mentality. Obviously without any clear and present motive to dispel, Sienna Miller should of avoided any negatively perceived presence, whether it’s something that could be merely perceived as though (Whatsoever; Due to all the Sienna Miller rumors), and she didn’t. What of a quaint smile during all photos? Were Sienna Miller’s previous and or recent actions with co-stars merely a phase? Celebrity Gossip