Beyonce should definitely be more careful about her earring action

Beyonce’s bloody earring then sold at auction on ebay for $120,000. Not really. Beyonce has been known to show some serious dance moves, and thank god Beyonce didn’t rip her earring out during one of her dance routines, because she might of ripped it clean off.


Much to the relief of Beyonce fans however, it wasn’t anything serious, and she was minorly injured. Blood did get a little gushy though, as pictures and video footage of Beyonce’s performance at the Tidal X: 1015 show at Brooklyn’s Barclays Center recently.


Beyonce was not phased much by the occurrence, and merely went on with the performance. As a result, it’s for sure that Beyonce should definitely wear less dangley earrings while performing just as an obvious safety percussion.

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