Beyonce & Jay-Z are definitely a happy couple again these days looks like

Although their previous relationship problems were the inspiration for Beyonce‘s 2016 record Lemonade, it’s of course better that Beyonce and Jay-Z are happy instead of being that much richer. Happy is what Bey-Z  appear to be again, and they’ve been seen out and about quite allot recently.

Attending Rihanna’s Diamond Ball, taking in a Broadway show, out to dinner on date night, and even sharing a smooch or two on Instagram, Beyonce and Jay-Z have obviously long since moved past any drama in their recent past.

Some fans of either of both Beyonce and Jay-Z speculate that it was probably due to the lyrical content Jay-Z’s most recent record 4:44 that officially patching things up publicly for Bey-Z. Celebrity Gossip