Beyonce is for sure definitely not afriad of heights, or jumping from them

Beyonce has just officially auditioned for the La Quebrada cliff divers of Acapulco. Although Beyonce didn’t try to dive from the high (thank god, she’d need allot more practice to even attempt doing something that like), she did jump from the top of an enormous roughly 4 story yacht in Italy recently.


That’s quite a feet, even if it’s feet first. Beyonce has been on a break (thank God she didn’t break anything while so dangerously diving from such heights) since her most recently tour date in August 3 in Barcelona, resuming her tour in the United States on September 7th in East Rutherford New Jersey.

Beyonce-is-for-sure-definitely-not-afriad-of-heights,-or-jumping-from-them-2Beyonce-is-for-sure-definitely-not-afriad-of-heights,-or-jumping-from-them-3Beyonce-is-for-sure-definitely-not-afriad-of-heights,-or-jumping-from-them-4 Celebrity Gossip