Bella Thorne in Toronto with Patrick Schwarzenegger, Gregg Sulkin has beach day

Life’s a beach? Bella Thorne and British actor Gregg Sulkin (Pretty Little LiarsAffluenza) have been a couple for quite some time now, although sources indicate that things might of gone stale between them. Recently out and about while filming Midnight Sun in Toronto, Bella was seen looking like she was having a really good time with Patrick Schwarzenegger (walking close together and touching from time to time). It’s more than probable that Bella Thorne might be wanting some new attention from other guys.


Meanwhile, Gregg Sulkin decided to attract some new attention himself, and he even tried to start a celebrity volleyball tournament at Venice Beach (although he was the only celebrity there, so that really didn’t work out – although it’s obvious that Gregg Sulkin works out).


Bella Thorne has previously been seen with Patrick Schwarzenegger on more than one occasion though in the past, and sources indicate that Bella Thorne and Patrick Schwarzenegger are only friends – however, the two of them are now in the same movie together, and it wouldn’t be the first time that romance has sparked between co-stars.

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