Bella Thorne acknowledges that she is bisexual on twitter and instagram


As they say, one thing leads to another, and more than often something starts these days on one social networking app, and then has a reaction either equal or opposite on another. This time Bella Thorne posted a picture of she and another girl getting frisky in a selfie sesh (and it wasn’t just one peck, it was at least two) as a Snapchat, then soon after when a fan asked her is she was bisexual on Twitter, she said yes.


Thorne has recently broken up with her boyfriend Greg Sulkin (who might actually now be sulking), although until this point hasn’t really been seen participating in any girl on girl action other than with her sister, and that’s incest.


So you can probably expect to see Bella Thorne kissing more girls and liking it, like she obviously has been already. Bella is of course not alone however, there are plenty of bisexual female celebrities including Amber Heard, Miley Cyrus, and Cara Delevingne. Celebrity Gossip