Barack Obama & Joe Biden share homo-erotic moment (is it the first?)

It’s not everyday that the President and Vice President of the United States share a homo-erotic moment (or is it?). That question is on the table at this point, and if Barack Obama & Joe Biden are secretly gay or maybe only home-erotic with each other on a usual basis, that’s totally fine if that is what they are into.


Although are Barack Obama & Joe Biden in love with each other, is the next obvious question. Is that why Joe Biden (the candidate who probably would of won the 2016 election) didn’t run for president, because he wanted to spend some time with Barack in the future without so many prying eyes? Joe Biden just might literally really be Barack Obama vice (as in sexual vice).


However it’s understandable that they haven’t gone public with their feelings towards one another until now, as it probably would of been much too shocking to the American people at any other time. It’s probably for the best that they waited until now. Celebrity Gossip